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Jantzen Audio EleCap - 100V 5% 270 uF

Jantzen Audio EleCap - 100V 5% 270 uF
Jantzen Audio EleCap - 100V 5% 270 uF
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  • Brand: Jantzen Audio
  • Model: 001-6183
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Official Italy Guarantee
Official Italy Guarantee

A high-precision 820 µF Jantzen Audio EleCap for audio crossovers.



  • Precision-engineered with only ±5% capacitance tolerance
  • Robust 100 VDC voltage rating suitable for various applications
  • Operates efficiently within a wide temperature range of -40C to +85C
  • Non-polarized design, offering flexibility in signal direction


Product details

Jantzen Audio 001-6198 | 820 µF | 5% | 100 V | EleCap

The Jantzen Audio 001-6198 EleCap is an essential component for the discerning audiophile seeking to build or upgrade their audio crossover. With a capacitance of 820 µF and an impressive voltage rating of 100 VDC, this aluminum electrolytic capacitor is designed to deliver consistent performance. Its low capacitance tolerance of ±5% ensures precision, making it superior to standard capacitors that typically offer a tolerance of ±10%. The EleCap's ability to maintain capacitance change rate at or below 10% exemplifies its stability under varying conditions. Additionally, its wide temperature range from -40C to +85C guarantees reliable operation in diverse environments. The minimal leakage current of 33µA at 10µF further underscores the capacitor's efficiency. As a non-polarized, bi-polar capacitor, it provides greater flexibility in signal direction, which is particularly advantageous in space-constrained sections of the crossover. This combination of precision, durability, and versatility makes the Jantzen Audio EleCap an excellent choice for both bass sections and compact crossover designs.

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