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GRS 8SW-4 Subwoofer 8" 20 cm membrana Polipropilene - 4 Ohm

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Marca: GRS - Great Replacement Speakers
Codice Prodotto: 8SW-4
Disponibilità: Ordinabile
Peso: 3.00kg
Prezzo: 26,90€ IVA esclusa: 22,05€
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GRS 8SW-4 Subwoofer 8" 20 cm membrana Polipropilene - 4 Ohm

GRS - Great Replacement Speakers

Ottimi altoparlanti per chi ha bisogno di sostuire i propri fuori uso. Le caratteristiche permottono a questi altoparlanti di addattarsi facilmente in tutte le situazioni. Ovviamente sono validi anche per progetti ex-novo!

GRS 8SW-4 8" Poly Cone Subwoofer 4 Ohm
The GRS 8SW-4 8" 4 ohm poly cone driver is a true bargain in replacement subwoofers! This economical sub features a large diameter voice coil, durable polypropylene cone, and extended excursion for high energy bass reproduction.



Polypropylene cone for perfect balance of stiffness, mass, and self-damping
Butyl rubber surround ensures high excursion and long-term durability
Large 1-1/2" voice coil and bumped back plate enable high power handling
Long-throw design for deep, powerful bass

Product Details

GRS 8SW-4 8" Poly Cone Subwoofer 4 Ohm


Now you can replace blown or damaged subwoofers with new drivers that equal or outperform the original! GRS poly cone subwoofers are the perfect replacement for tired, worn-out subwoofers in a variety of audio gear and even work great for new designs. Their handsome polypropylene cones provide durability and good looks, while the large vented magnet assemblies and extended voice coils enable long-throw performance and authoritative bass in a variety of enclosures.


The 8" model features a 1-1/2" diameter voice coil with extended 6mm excursion for solid bass performance in compact sealed and vented enclosures. These versatile subs are also rugged enough to be used in dipole and automotive infinite baffle applications.


See the below list of recommended enclosure alignments for new designs.


Recommended sealed enclosure: 30 litri circa, F3 = 48 Hz, Qtc: 1.16


Recommended vented enclosure: 30 litri circa, Fb = 40 Hz, F3 = 34 Hz


Specifications for: 8SW-4 8" Poly Cone Subwoofer 4 Ohm
Woofer SeriesReplacement woofer
Woofer TypeSub Woofer
Nominal Diameter8"
Power Handling (RMS)80 Watts
Power Handling (max)160 Watts
Continuous Program Power
Impedance4 ohms
Sensitivity88 dB 2.83V/1m
Frequency Response40 to 800 Hz
Voice Coil Diameter1.5"
Magnet Weight
DC Resistance (Re)3.86 ohms
Voice Coil Inductance (Le)0.84 mH
Resonant Frequency (Fs)49 Hz
Mechanical Q (Qms)4.22
Electromagnetic Q (Qes)1.19
Total Q (Qts)0.88
Diaphragm Mass Inc. Airload (Mms)
Moving Mass Of Diaphragm (Mmd)
Mechanical Compliance of Suspension (Cms)
Surface Area of Cone (Sd)
Volume of Displacement (Vd)
BL Product (BL)
Compliance Equivalent Volume (Vas)0.93 ft.³
Maximum Linear Excursion (Xmax)6 mm
Driver's Mechanical Losses (Rms)
Cone / Diaphragm MaterialPoly
Surround MaterialRubber
Voice Coil Wire MaterialCopper
Voice Coil Former
Dual Voice Coil
Basket / Frame MaterialSteel
Magnet MaterialFerrite
Overall Outside Diameter8.25"
Overall Depth4"
Baffle Cutout Diameter7.25"
Bolt Circle Diameter7.875"
# Mounting Holes8
Mounting Hole Diameter
Sealed Volume
Sealed F3
Vented Volume
Vented F3


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