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Model: BN212
The connector has a hole on the back, just unscrew it, plug in the cable and rescrew. For optimum grip is advisable to solder (but you can just fine without) The price is for 2 pair (2 red + 2 black)..
3.99€ 5.55€
Ex Tax:3.27€
Brand: Costruire Audio Model: caTC22G
GOLD plated spade connector, SCREW cable fixinginner diameter 4,50 mmmax. width 13.50 mmAbsolutely Splendid - Excellent Quality..
3.90€ 5.90€
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Brand: Costruire Audio Model: caTC22R
RODIUM plated spade connector, SCREW cable fixinginner diameter 4.50 mmmax. width 13.50 mmAbsolutely Splendid - Excellent Quality..
3.90€ 5.90€
Ex Tax:3.20€
Brand: Dayton Audio Model: AMTPOD-4
Manual Dayton Audio's AMTPOD-4 makes it easy to add clear, detailed, natural-sounding highs to any car audio system. Air Motion Transformer technology enables these tiny component tweeters to achieve high output levels while sounding effortless, with better detail than most dome tweeters. ..
55.00€ 64.90€
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Brand: Dayton Audio Model: DS175-8
ManualAlthough it's true that the Dayton Audio Designer Series DS175-8 is a nice looking and well thought-out 6-1/2" woofer, its ability to handle full rated power down to 40 Hz* without exceeding Xmax is very impressive!   Highlights Cosmetic frame with low profile lip, designed fo..
49.98€ 55.39€
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Brand: Dayton Audio Model: PC83-8
ManualDayton Audio's PC83-8 3" full-range driver will deliver smooth and natural response from extremely compact designs. When used in line arrays, portable speakers, sound bars, or as a dedicated midrange in 3-way designs this driver will prove to be an excellent value. HighlightsCopper cap to..
13.42€ 15.86€
Ex Tax:11.00€
Brand: LaVoce Italiana Model: SAF214.50
ManualGENERAL SPECIFICATIONSNominal diametermm (in)530 (21)Nominal ImpedanceOhm8Minimum impedanceOhm6,8Program powerW4000AES Power ratingW2000SensitivitydB95,5Frequency rangeHz30 ÷ 1000Voice coil diametermm (in)115 (4.5)Chassis materialAluminiumMagnet materialFerriteMagnet dimensions OD x ID x hmm (..
379.00€ 425.00€
Ex Tax:310.66€
Brand: LaVoce Italiana Model: WSF122.50
ManualGENERAL SPECIFICATIONSNominal diametermm (in)300 (12)Nominal ImpedanceOhm8Minimum impedanceOhm6,6Program powerW500AES Power ratingW250SensitivitydB97,5Frequency rangeHz50 ÷ 3000Voice coil diametermm (in)65 (2.5)Chassis materialSteelMagnet materialFerriteMagnet dimensions OD x ID x hmm (in)160 ..
75.00€ 85.00€
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Brand: Monacor Model: SPH-135C
Manual Dimensions  Stunning looks and well-tailored T/S parameters are what define the carbon fiber woofers by Monacor   Highlights Carbon fiber cone Good choice for slimline tower speakers or transmission line speakers Parameters suited for bass reproduction &n..
98.00€ 120.78€
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Brand: Musway Model: EIGHT100
Manual ReviewThe new amplifiers of the MX series are ideally suited not only to enter into optically ingenious combinations with the Musway DSP amps M4+, M6 or D8. Of course, they are also perfect for forming a high-end team with the TUNE12, DSP68PRO or DSP68 stand-alone processor. With the MX ..
519.00€ 749.00€
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Brand: Pegaso Model: P50a BLACK
AF Group SRL, a dynamic company that owns and produces the prestigious Audio Analogue brand, has decided to use the know-how acquired in the design, production and marketing of solid state electronics, to start, also thanks to the collaboration with designers specialized in the creation of tube elec..
3,294.00€ 5,990.00€
Ex Tax:2,700.00€
Brand: Pioneer Model: MVH-130DAB
Questo ricevitore DAB+ da 1-DIN è molto facile da usare e controllare, grazie alla manopola Rotary di grandi dimensioni.L’integrazione con il sintonizzatore DAB/DAB+ consente di avere un audio digitale cristallino e una ricezione priva di interferenze. I pulsanti preimpostati integrati semplificano ..
79.00€ 99.00€
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