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Converters / DAC / Controller / pre amplifiers

Brand: Sure Electronics Model: AA-AA11117
Add the AA-AA11117 plug in volume control to Sure's amplifier boards that have an extensible interface for volume adjustment.Manual HighlightsNoise-free stepped volume control8" jumper cable for flexibilityPlugs into most new single and dual channel Sure amp boards without solderingLED status i..
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Brand: Sure Electronics Model: AA-AA11428
This interface extension board provides a simple connection solution for customer’s applications. With its headers and a 10 pin cable, the interface extension board can easily be integrated to the DSP Kernal board. Highlights2 x 2 inches Compact PCB Size2CKT RCA input, 3CKT RCA output1CKT AUX i..
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Brand: Sure Electronics Model: AA-AA11435
HighlightsBluetooth antenna x 1Bluetooth pairing cancellation cable x 13.5mm line output cable x 1PH-4pin cable (Pin to pin) x 1speaker output cable x 1Bluetooth LED indicator cable x 1Easy ConnectionSimple Integration..
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Brand: Sure Electronics Model: AA-AA21111
HighlightsBoard Type: Boardinput: USB,output: RCA, 3.5mm AUX, S/PDIF,Control Interface: HardwareSize: 3 x 2 inches (76.2mm x 50.8mm)Power Voltage: 5V Product detailsSure Electronics AA-AA21111 USB Codec Analog S/PDIF Output Converter - UCC1Manual..
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Brand: Sure Electronics Model: AA-AB41116
ManualGet control of your volume with the AA-AB41116 digital controlled stereo electronic volume control. Works with any audio project that has line input capability. HighlightsNoise-free stepped volume controlPush on/off knob mutes the volumeLed status indicator keeps you informedPower supply ..
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Brand: Sure Electronics Model: AA-AB41131
HighlightsA mature stereo D/A conversion equipmentLED status indicatorExternal power and signal output connectorPower supply anti-reverse protectionThe board has gorgeous appearance.Several wiring methods facilitate connection:3.5mm Socket (Default), RCA Socket (Optional)Excellent heat dissipation e..
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Brand: Sure Electronics Model: AA-AB41133
Digital Receiver Sure AA-AB41133 based receiver Wolfson WM8804. S / PDIF inputs or TOSLink, I²S output that can be connected to the card AA-AB41131 to get an analog signal. Recommended Operating Voltage: 12V (NOT provided instructions, see the data sheet or site Sure)HighlightsA mature I2S & S/P..
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Brand: Sure Electronics Model: AA-AB41134
Get control of your volume with the AA-AB41134 digital controlled stereo electronic volume control. Works with any audio project that has line input capability. ManualHighlightsLed status indicator keeps you informedPower supply anti-reverse protection12 VDC 1A 5.5 x 2.1 mm tip positive power a..
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Brand: Sure Electronics Model: AA-AB41136
This 12 VDC Bluetooth 4.0 module adds a Bluetooth wireless audio receiver to nearly any device. Great for connecting the Bluetooth audio output of an iPad, tablet computer, or smartphone to your computer, receiver, or even your subwoofer, wirelessly.Manual HighlightsBluetooth v4.0 with aptX + E..
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Brand: Sure Electronics Model: AA-AB41147
HighlightsSingle-Ended Audio Signal Input and OutputLED Status IndicatorFlexible Connection and Easy InstallationWide Control Range: -107.5dB to 10dB Product detailsSure Electronics AA-AB41147 Digitally Controlled Stereo Electronic Audio Volume Control Board - VC04 This is a digitally cont..
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Brand: Sure Electronics Model: AA-AB41148
ManualHighlightsBoard Type: Boardinput: RCA, 3.5mm AUX,output: RCA, 3.5mm AUX,Control Interface: HardwareSize: 4.8 x 3.6 inches (121.92mm x 91.44mm)Power Voltage: 8V-15V Product detailsSure Electronics AA-AB41148 Digitally Controlled Stereo Electronic Audio Volume Control Board - VC05 This..
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Brand: Sure Electronics Model: AA-AP23122
This Audio DSP Board comes with all the necessary components installed and demonstrationfirmware, all that customers need to do is to connect it and play. Manual HighlightsSpeaker EqualizationActive CrossoversSubwoofer IntegrationNoise Cancellation SystemDigital Car Audio SystemHome Theate..
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