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Brand: SMSL Model: A6
ManualThe SMSL A6 is a multifunctional amplifier built around the ICEpower 50ASX2 with a built-in DAC, phono preamplifier and headphone amplifier.HighlightsICEpower amplifier chipUltra-low distortionFive input methods and DAC outputCan be used as a separate DAC, headphone amp or amplifier Produ..
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Brand: SMSL Model: AD13
ManualThe ultra-convenient SMSL AD13 stereo amplifier has an array of features like Bluetooth connectivity, a USB DAC, and included wireless remote control. Use this compact amp to power small to medium sized speakers at 30 watts per channel.HighlightsEasily powers small to medium sized speakers to ..
Ex Tax:90.00€
Brand: SMSL Model: AD18
ManualAD18 supports a wide range of inputs, including USB, optical coaxial, auxiliary and Bluetooth 4.2. Connect it to your computer or TV and use it to drive your headphones with an amp or to power your passive speakers.Wide range of inputs Cutting edge technology ensures Hi-Fi sound qualityDS..
Ex Tax:119.00€
Brand: SMSL Model: DP3
ManualSMSL DP3 Multimedia Player with DAC, Bluetooth, and Headphone Amplifier A high fidelity multimedia streamer offering wired and wireless streaming capabilities and a low distortion transmission. Wide range of accepted formatsWired and wireless streaming capabilitiesDigital, Analog and..
Ex Tax:256.00€
Brand: SMSL Model: M3
SMSL M3 mini multi-function all-in-one DAC/Headphone Amp,  has excellent performance, flexible operation mode, intuitive display, delicate appearance and rich input/output interface.Highlightsall-in-one DAC/Headphone AmplifierHigh quality aluminum alloy shell, solid aluminum buttons and knobs;2..
Ex Tax:70.00€
Brand: SMSL Model: M300 MKII
ManualSMSL M300 MKII Audio AK4497 Balanced DAC with BluetoothThe M300 MKII is a high-end DAC that falls on the new generation of SMSL balanced audio DAC. Contains the AKM's flagship audio DAC AK4497, Ultra-high SNR, ultra-low distortion, supports DSD and using Bluetooth 5.0 apt-X for faster transmis..
Ex Tax:245.89€
Brand: SMSL Model: M500
ManualThe M500 MQA is the result of ten years of ingenuity, professional technoglogy with the attitude of presenting high quality hearing feast. The top performance D/A chip ES9038PRO from ESS Technology in combination with the high-performance power supply chip ES9311 gives you excellent performanc..
Ex Tax:330.00€
Brand: SMSL Model: M8A
ManualThe SMSL M8A DAC brings you High Resolution audio quality at an ultra-small footprint using the latest technologies and the finest components out there. HighlightsHigh resolution audioAudiophile componentsDedicated OPAMPCutting edge technology such as 2nd gen. XMOS Product DetailsSMS..
Ex Tax:245.89€
Brand: SMSL Model: Q5 PRO
ManualThe SMSL Q5 PRO has all the great sound and features from the original Q5, but adds a subwoofer output and micro USB input. A sampling rate of 192 kHz/24-bit, multitude of input methods, and insulated speaker binding posts make the Q5 Pro a high quality amplifier and DAC combo. Highlights..
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Brand: SMSL Model: SA-36A PRO
ManualThe SMSL SA-36A Pro is the perfect amplifier to power small to medium sized speakers in a near-field listening environment. Centered on the Texas Instruments TPA3118D2, this Class-D amplifier is highly efficient while delivering deep bass and an expanded sound stage to the listener.HighlightsH..
Ex Tax:50.00€
Brand: SMSL Model: SA-98E
The SMSL SA-98E is engineered around the STMicroelectronics TDA7498E amp chip and is built with quality electronic components from Panasonic, ALPS, WIMA, and Siemens. This amplifier, though small in size, will produce a whopping 160 watts per channel.Ultra-efficient operation for huge wattage output..
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Brand: SMSL Model: SA300
ManualSMSL SA300 2 x 80W Stereo Bluetooth 5.0 apt-X Amplifier with subwoofer pre-out and remoteSMSL SA300 HiFi Bluetooth digital amplifier with new German Infineon's new technology class D power amplifier chip gives you a higher quality, efficiency up to 92% and further reducing power consumption. U..
Ex Tax:120.00€
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