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marine accessories

Brand: Hertz Model: HM RGB 1 BK
Manual Hertz HM RGB 1 BK enriches your experience with the multicolored LED lighting of the HMX LD marine speakers, which can be changed at will to suit your personal preference. RGB range control specially developed for the HMX LD models, the remote has a wide range of features ranging fr..
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Brand: Hertz Model: HMA C3.5
Manual 3.5 jack extension cable 10 mt.Optional for HMR 20, HMR 10 D, HMR 10..
Ex Tax:16.39€
Brand: Hertz Model: HMA C3.5Y
Manual 3.5 jack y cable.Optional for HMR 20, HMR 10 D, HMR 10..
Ex Tax:5.74€
Brand: Hertz Model: HMB DAB+
Manual This module add DAB+ DIGITAL RADIO capability to Hertz Marine Source.  Provided with dedicated antenna.Optional HMR 20..
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Brand: Hertz Model: HMB NMEA2000
Manual Hertz HMB NMEA2000 external module for connection to the NMEA 2000 networkThe NMEA 2000 HMB external module allows integration of Hertz marine source units with the NMEA 2000 network on board the vessel, allowing control of the units directly from the vessel's display multifunction devic..
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Brand: Hertz Model: HMC U1
Manual Play your favorite song and pump-up the volume while swimming in open water. Thanks to IPX7 certification you can install HMC U1 remote controll anywhere on the boat.Optional for HMR 50, HMR 20, HMR 10 D, HMR 10..
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Brand: Hertz Model: HRC
Hertz HRC external remote control for the volume level of the subwoofer, also compatible with prepared Hertz amplifiers With the HCP 1D and HCP 5D amplifiers it is possible to control the subwoofer remotely through the HRC accessory, Hertz Remote Control. Connected to the specific Remote Control ..
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