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Brand: Dayton Audio Model: AERO
manualhi Fly GuideThe AERO is just one of our latest additions to the Dayton Audio Hi-Fly multi-room family of Wi-Fi audio products. The efficient, compact and stylish design sounds great and easily blends with most décor.Highlights• Two 3" woofers and a rear-facing passive radiator deliver full ran..
Ex Tax:143.44€
Brand: Dayton Audio Model: B452-AIR
manualThe B452-AIR bookshelf speaker may be the little brother to the larger B652-AIR bookshelf speaker, but it packs a sonic punch! Try it on your desk, or as part of a compact, discrete yet impressive-sounding surround sound system. Like the B652, the B452-AIR is all about giving you the most perf..
Ex Tax:72.95€
Brand: Dayton Audio Model: B652
manualGreat for use in any indoor audio application, the Dayton Audio B652 6-1/2" 2-way bookshelf speakers always deliver great sound at an affordable price.HighlightsSmall size, profound performance!6-1/2" woofer provides surprisingly full, punchy bass outputClarity and detail that are exceptional ..
Ex Tax:57.11€
Brand: Dayton Audio Model: B652 AIR
manualDayton Audio's signature affordable speakers are even better when you add a little AMT! The new B652-AIR features a pleated ribbon diaphragm AMT tweeter that enhances the already famous sound quality of the original B652, with even more smoothness and detail.HighlightsAir Motion Transformer tw..
Ex Tax:82.00€
Brand: Dayton Audio Model: BS36
manualThe small-but-mighty Dayton Audio BS36 speaker bar combines left, center, and right channel speakers into a single convenient mountable enclosure. The BS36 can be positioned above or below your flat screen TV, or sit freestanding on your home theater cabinet. HighlightsGreat for any plasm..
Ex Tax:289.00€
Brand: Dayton Audio Model: C452-AIR
The compact Dayton Audio C452-AIR center channel speaker is designed to complement other Dayton Audio speakers in a multichannel home theater system. It produces balanced, natural sound with excellent sonic detail that rivals many more expensive speakers. The AMT tweeter provides a silky smooth resp..
Ex Tax:52.02€
Brand: Dayton Audio Model: HTA100BT + T652
HTA100BT:manualThe Dayton Audio HTA100BT Hybrid Stereo Tube Amplifier successfully employs contemporary amp technology that faithfully pay homage to classic amp design of the past. Utilizing the efficiency of solid-state class AB amp topology and a vacuum tube preamp section, the HTA100BT authentica..
Ex Tax:483.61€
Brand: Dayton Audio Model: MK402BTX
manualThe Dayton Audio MK402BTX offers incredible sound quality and an outstanding feature set in an unbelievable size. The more refined crossover produces smoother, non-fatiguing high-end while retaining the impressive low-end of the original MK402BT. With built-in Bluetooth and an auxiliary input,..
Ex Tax:159.84€
Brand: Dayton Audio Model: MK402X
manualThe MK402 speakers offer incredible sound quality in an almost unbelievable size. The drivers used in this design play a large role in this small speaker. The 4" woofer is easily able to play to 60 Hz and still play the vocal range impressively well. The 3/4" tweeter is capable of producing hi..
Ex Tax:105.00€
Brand: Dayton Audio Model: mk442
manualThe impressive sound quality offered by the Dayton Audio MK442 center channel speaker is awe-inspiring. The MK442 is designed to complement the Dayton Audio MK402 bookshelf speakers in a multichannel home theater system. It is able to reproduce frequencies as low as 60 Hz, and offers a natural..
Ex Tax:79.00€
Brand: Dayton Audio Model: MK442T
manualDayton Audio MK442T 4" 2-Way Transmission Line Tower Speaker PairEnjoy great bass while taking up minimal space. The Dayton Audio MK442T transmission line tower speaker raises the bar in the budget speaker arena. The MK442T tower speakers take advantage of quarter wave enclosure tuning to acco..
Ex Tax:300.00€
Brand: Dayton Audio Model: SAT-BK
Dayton Audio’s compact multi-purpose speakers are designed to provide excellent clarity and detail for use in any surround sound or general audio application. These speakers are capable of much bigger sound than their small size suggests.HighlightsExcellent clarity and detailOptimized long-excursion..
Ex Tax:59.00€
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