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Headphone Amplifier

Brand: Rudistor Model: DAC-X3
Digital to Analog converter with integrated "Class A" headphone output Clean power supply given by a oversized capacitance mutliplier circuitry, (not a mirrerable single chip switching like in "B...on" and many chinese chip DAC/AMP amplifiers) Precise analog volume control, not stepper atte..
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Brand: Rudistor Model: NX03
NX-03 Class A headphone amplifier An extraordinary performer although a clean and simple amplification unit, encased in a fascinating hi-end box. An exercise of technology and design, to give the audiophile the best sound and the pleasure to own a piece of artwork. The sound quality and..
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Brand: Rudistor Model: RP-030
State of the Art Quad Mono* Headphone Amplifier *(Quad Mono is RudiStor trademark and mean Dual-mono Balanced made by four Single Ended Amplifers)   The construction is made totally in aluminum, with 10mm thick faceplate and 4mm panels.All components come form the best availab..
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Brand: Rudistor Model: RP8K-VT
RP8K-VT   • This is something really new, although as an E-OTL it take advantages from our long experience in this kind of design topology, starting from the 2005 made RP4 up to now. In the years many thing are changed and we refined our design, this time we also made some ..
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Brand: Rudistor Model: RPX38
RPX38 new generaion ClassA DualMono Amplifier (read the fresh review here!) RPX-38 VIDEO Dual mono topology, showing a mixture of pure audiophile, clean, and optimized electronics, to deliver the finest sound available. The electronic design precis..
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Brand: Sennheiser Model: HDV820EU
Body size: (W) 224 × (H) 44 × (D) 306 mm Body weight: about 2.25 kg Frequency response: 10 Hz to 100,000 Hz  Harmonic ratio: 115 dB..
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Brand: SMSL Model: DP3
ManualSMSL DP3 Multimedia Player with DAC, Bluetooth, and Headphone Amplifier A high fidelity multimedia streamer offering wired and wireless streaming capabilities and a low distortion transmission. Wide range of accepted formatsWired and wireless streaming capabilitiesDigital, Analog and..
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Brand: SMSL Model: M500
ManualThe M500 MQA is the result of ten years of ingenuity, professional technoglogy with the attitude of presenting high quality hearing feast. The top performance D/A chip ES9038PRO from ESS Technology in combination with the high-performance power supply chip ES9311 gives you excellent performanc..
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