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Full vinyl cleaning kit

Model: CA98075
Antistatic brush with bristles thin carbon fiber. When you pass this brush over the vinyl movement produces a "charge" that "sucks" all the dust on the surface. One of our best-selling book of all time...
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Model: CA98079
Excellent black velvet cloth for cleaning vinyl with brush supplied. The entire surface of the cloth is protected by a removable transparent wrapping. The use is very simple: before listening, just pass the cloth on the vinyl while it rotates on the plate and it will capture all the surface dirt tha..
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Model: CA980751
Excellent tool for surface cleaning of vinyl records. This is basically a unique product but with DOUBLE cleaning surface, consisting of the outside from a traditional static brush with bristles made ​​of carbon fiber and inside there's a soft chamois cloth for cleaning vinyl VELVET. Guaranteed resu..
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Model: CA98085
The cleaning fluid is sold as a concentrate which makes 5 liters of cleaning fluid when diluted with ordinary distilled water. We recommend making it up in small quantities as required, and storage in the dark. It contains no alcohol, and uses environmentally friendly ingredients. It produces a dram..
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Model: CA98070
It 'a great arm with METAL structure to be placed on the floor of the turntable. At its end there is a soft brush-shaped "ax" that comes from cutting into the furrows, and while the vinyl rotates, it cleans and makes it at the same time anti-static. Note that the arm is also equipped with a counterw..
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Model: CA98086 MHFC 9
COMPLETE KIT Great for cleaning vinyl records in convenient reclosable blister. E 'consists of an excellent hair brush made ​​of carbon fiber with antistatic effect, from a spray designed for cleaning of the grooves of vinyl records, from a soft antistatic cloth for cleaning the surface of dust or f..
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Model: CA 9808610
COMPLETE KIT for cleaning vinyl records, CDs (compact discs) and turntable points in a convenient resealable blister. It is composed of an excellent brush with carbon fiber hair with an antistatic effect, a vial of liquid designed for cleaning the grooves of vinyl records, a vial of liquid specifica..
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Model: CASV100
Station cleaning for vinyl and CD consists of a soft foam mat compressed. At the center of the carpet is a white pin like turntables to position the vinyl; same thing you can do for the CD with the pin at the top right. The surface is soft and provides enough friction so they can be easily cleaned v..
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Special cleaning liquid vinyl (cloth included) Special cleaning liquid vinyl (cloth included)
-30 %
Model: CA98085
Bottle of liquid specific for the surface cleaning of LP and 45 rpm. Great against fingerprints, dust, grease, small spots. GIVEAWAY inserted into the ultra-soft cleaning cloth cap! For a more thorough cleaning with this liquid, we suggest using tampons disc-shaped cotton used by women to remove mak..
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Model: CA99155
Descrizione  Si tratta di una cassetta di dimensioni AUDIO STANDARD per la pulizia delle testine dei registratori e/o riproduttori audio a cassette con incorporato pure un dispositivo di demagnetizzazione delle testine. In dotazione viene fornito del liquido detergente specifico per pulizia te..
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Model: CA98078
It is a very soft cloth suitable for cleaning vinyls. Passing this cloth in a circular direction on the surface of the disc, it captures all the dust and small particles of surface dirt on itself. It can be washed with soap and water. The dimensions are 21 x 28 cm...
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Model: CA 980875
Excellent COMPLETE KIT for cleaning vinyl records. It is composed of an excellent cloth in delicate black velvet with an antistatic effect, a cleaning brush, a bottle of liquid designed for cleaning the grooves of vinyl records and a soft cloth. Shipping takes place by express courier.   1 SE..
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