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WBT Banana Plug WBT 0644

WBT Banana Plug WBT 0644
WBT Banana Plug WBT 0644
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  • Brand: WBT
  • Model: WBT‐0644
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Official Italy Guarantee

not available - discontinued product


Straight banana plug with WBT Midline quality. Robust construction made from a special copper alloy. Sleeve with matt black lacquer finish. High clamping force by means of expandable centre pin. The expansion mechanism is activated by simply screwing the sleeve in the direction of the plug tip. In this way, the cross bar pushes the inner spike forwards and ensures not only a firm positioning of the plug but also a continual and high contact pressure.

The clamping force and copper content of the alloy give the WBT-0644 a high conductivity and precise signal transmission. The fabrication from one piece does not permit any unnecessary transition resistance. The plug body is 24 carat gold-plated so that any oxidation which could influence contact quality is impossible.

The WBT-0644 is suitable for both the crimping connection technique and the solder technique. The wide gap between the two Torx screws should be used for soldering on your cable. WBT recommends the surface friendly silver solder WBT-0800 or rather the lead-free version, WBT-0805. For those preferring the crimping technique, the designated Torx screws (T.6) should be used to provide a durable connection of the crimped cable end, as well as reliable strain relief.

If using the crimping connection with your WBT-0644 it can be used time and again since the valuable protective surface of the plug will not be damaged by soldering.



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