If it's any information, the two Scan Speak tw's I used to replace the two Polk Audio tw's in a pair of LSi15's. I also have the LSiC centre.

I also have the LSiC centre, but the three tw's are from three different series! With different TS curves and parameters, while the two Scan twos have

almost identical curves and parameters. The original ones can't be found, or are still in different series.

One of the three, luckily, has curves and parameters very similar to the new ones and ended up on the centre. In order to fit the new tw's I replaced

In order to mount the new twins I replaced their flanges with Polk ones, they are perfectly compatible, even the sensitivity of 90 db is aligned to the original ones.

For me the sound quality has improved considerably, drum cymbals, female vocals, violin etc.

So if anyone asks you if you can replace the Polks with the Scans, the answer is yes.

Have a nice day.


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