Dear Costruire Audio,

I received a pair W3-2141 speakers in safe and sound. I send to you some photos about my project.
This is a great sound from small speaker like this. Thanks.

Attila from Hungar

The enclosure is made by my friend according to the description. The damping material on the back stage in the box is made of felt.

It’s sound is very attractive, clean and open middle range, lots of air and surrounding. Deep sounds are down to 50-60Hz. It is very good from a very small box like this (3 liters). Summarizing this is an amazing sound up to 20-25 square meters room. This must be listened to!

The other W5-2143 project is based on a “Big Needle” enclosure. Bigger driver, bigger sound. It has bigger sensitivity, bigger energy, but the the characteristic of the sound is very similar.

Both of two are very simple and easy to build but still provide enormous surround experience and they can be listened for a long time.

Ti auguro il meglio,

Attila, from Hungary