Jörg Loidl and VIABLUE

Passion for sound. Made in Germany.

While recording music in his own studio, VIABLUE founder Jörg Loidl, Germany, experimented finding the right high-end products that would perform well in the crucial eye of studio monitors.

Jörg Loidl, founder of VIABLUE:

When recording music, you want to get every single detail right. There’s nothing worse than if you think you have a fantastic recording and then later on, someone else plays your music on his system and shows you all the flaws.”

When Jörg tested cables of different brands and price tags, he often noticed a certain distortion. Frequently, cables were unable to precisely render all frequencies and every detail of the musical image. This resulted in a dull sound where Jörg wished his renditions to be crystal clear.

Jörg Loidl, founder of VIABLUE:

In a music studio, you need to recognize every little variation or flaw. You need cables and speakers, which will render sound exactly the way it was recorded. No hiding, no exaggeration and no enhancements.”

In Jörg’s opinion, to perform well on all frequencies, a cable needs a special cable geometry. In addition, the selection of the best material and fabric mix and a certain amount of OFC copper with an ideal cross section ensures a totally smooth signal transmission.

Jörg Loidl, founder of VIABLUE:

I was surprised that most cables I tested and further examined lacked one of the items above. This often led to a distorted performance within the musical spectrum.”

In 2001, Jörg offered his first high-end VIABLUE cables. Made in Germany. Malsch, Southern Germany to be exact.

Soon, audiophiles from all over the world were curious about Jörg’s approach. Word got out in forums and amongst dealers. Their passion for music and down to earth precision helped VIABLUE’s cables to evolve and improve. Some of these first hour acquaintances have been friends ever since.

Jörg Loidl, founder of VIABLUE:

Our products are created at the cradle of music: In a music studio. This is where wide spread music is born. This is also, why recordings need to be perfect. No matter if you listen to them in your car, on your phone or with a high-end sound system: You should enjoy a first-class listening experience.”

In 2013, Jörg’s sister Anke Patt joined VIABLUE and together with long-time friend and COO Lars Rewesa, who started in 2007, they are the leaders of the company residing in Southern Germany.

Today, VIABLUE offers a wide range of high-end products. The T6s connector series is the most extensive series in the industry. With their unique design, all plugs are instantly recognizable as VIABLUE.

Jörg’s quest to render a detail oriented, precise and honest sound, that reflects the full range of musical patterns without any disturbances continued with VIABLUE’s spikes and absorbers series, ferrite filters and splitters, cable sleeves, speaker terminals, adapters and more.

And what’s next you might ask? Well, it’s still a secret, but make sure to check VIABLUE’s Facebook or webpage. There is more to come