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14 Sep Subwoofer con DAYTON Ultimax UM15 in closed box KIT!
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This is the result of work done by Danielefor the DAYTON ULTIMAX UM18-22 kit and textured paint finish!..
23 Nov Mean Well compatibily with amplifier boards
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The following combinations with power supplies and amplifier boards are possible:Mean Well IRM-05-5 5VDC 1A 5W Switching Power SupplyminiDSP 2x4 Kit Digital Signal Processor Assembled BoardSure Electronics AA-AB32131 2x2W 4 Ohm Class-D Audio Amplifie..
15 Sep Subwoofer con DAYTON Ultimax UM12 in closed box
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We built a pair of closed-box subwoofers with dayton Ultimax UM12 loudspeakersUnbelievable result to say the least, double subs really allow for minimal distortion levels. The choice of the closed box works very well, with the natural gain of the roo..
13 Sep BOX
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Abbiamo costruito questi box su specifiche clienteil progetto ospiterà Tweeter SICA LP 90.28 / N92 TW - Z009160Midrange LaVoce MAF061.50 - con suo volume separatoWoofer LaVoce SSF122.50L - bass refkex posterioreRifinite con vernice Acry-tech a rullo..
11 Sep 2 Way kit : SB Acoustics Satori MW19P-8 + Scan speak D3004/662000
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We created this loudspeaker with the loudspeakers chosen by the customer... the combination was simply stunning!Rear bass reflex, 12 db filter. We chose birch plywood as the wood.on request we can supply the components or the complete boxWorkmanship ..
08 Sep Sonus Faber factory tour
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We had the honour of visiting Sonus Faber, a historic company and world leader in the production of loudspeakers. I would like to thank Mr. Livio Cucuzza for the hospitality he gave us ... what can I say ...  everything was really beautiful! You can ..
08 Sep Monitor SB Acoustics SB16PFC25-4-COAX
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Ecco a voi un progetto abbastanza facile ma dall'ottima resa!Coassiale SB Acoustics SB16PFC25-4-COAXLavorazione: FINITE!Litraggio BOXSchema filtro ( da sito SB Acoustics )..
02 Feb 2-way minispeaker with DAYTON RS100 Copy
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Good evening! Using a pair of Dayton Audio full-range speakers, I made this pair of cube-shaped pneumatic loudspeakers.The edge measures 168 mm and each box is made from 40 strips glued and "pinned" together without the use of screws (used only to fi..
02 Feb Tweeter replacement on Polk LSi15 speaker with Scan Speak
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If it's any information, the two Scan Speak tw's I used to replace the two Polk Audio tw's in a pair of LSi15's. I also have the LSiC centre.I also have the LSiC centre, but the three tw's are from three different series! With different TS curves and..
16 Jan 2-way minispeaker with DAYTON components
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These are two mini speakers measuring 23.7 x 14 x 211 cm that I salvaged from an old Coral Elettonic project.When I saw the new Dayton Audio loudspeakers in the vast catalogue of Costruire Audio I noticed that the 1" Titanium Dome Tweeter DC25T-8 and..
13 Jan TQWT with Tang-Band W5-1611AF
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Also this is a prototype in TQWT load with compact size compared to the diameter of the speaker, with Largabanda Tang-Band W5-1611AF This is also very interesting but with a more neutral sound than the previous ones but still incredible for sound qua..
11 Jan mini Onken con  un largabanda TangBand W5-2143 di PAOLO
2 1837
Questi sono dei mini Onken con  un largabanda TangBand W5-2143 da 5" anche questi altoparlanti dal costo contenuto sono di ottima qualita acustica  e ben costruiti .Trovati sempre da CostuireAudio . Con questi ho partecipato  all ' Audiomeeting di pr..
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